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Bachelor of Fine Art (BFA) Ceramics

First Year:

Basic Design (For Two (2) Semesters)

Communication Skills (For Two (2) Semesters)

Creative Thinking (For Two (2) Semesters)

Digital Literacy (For Two (2) Semesters)

Drawing Fundamentals (For Two (2) Semesters)

History of Art (For Two (2) Semesters)

Introduction to Sculpture

Traditional Ghanaian Ceramics


Second Year:

Ceramics Screen Printing

Ceramics Slip Casting: Part I

Computer-Aided Design (CAD)

History of African Art

Introduction to Studio Ceramics (For Two (2) Semesters)

Literature-in-English (For Two (2) Semesters)

Oriental and Classical Ceramics History

Research Methodology: Part I

Studio Art Elective (Metals/Painting)

Studio Art Elective (Photography)

Technical Ceramics: Glazes

Technical Ceramics: Materials and Processing Methods


Third Year:

Intermediate Studio

Ceramics Slip Casting Part II

Research Methodology: Part II

Technical Ceramics: Kiln Design

Contemporary Art History

Studio Art Elective (Textiles)

Industrial Placement (Second Semester-12 Weeks)


Fourth Year:

Advanced Studio (For Two (2) Semesters)

Art Market

Ceramics Production (For Two (2) Semesters)

Independent Study

Management and Entrepreneurial Skills

Seminar in Ceramics (For Two (2) Semesters)

Research Project (For two (2) Semesters)