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Integrated Art

Master of Philosophy (MPhil) Integrated Art

Specialization: There are SEVEN areas of specialisation (Rattan and Bamboo, Woodwork, Clay and Earthenware, Leather Technology, Fibres and Fabrics, Metal Production and Fabrication, and Product Design) in the programme

First Year:

Aesthetics and Criticism of Indigenous Art

Art and Entrepreneurship

Digital Information Literacy

Materials Integration and Sustainability (For Two (2) Semesters)

Product Design Application (For Two (2) Semesters)

Research Methodology (For Two (2) Semesters)

Specialization Courses (Admitted into one) * (For Two (2) Semesters)

 * Specialization Courses (Semester One)

Clay and Earthenware Art and Technology

Fibres and Fabrics Art and Technology

Leather Art and Technology

Metals Art and Technology

Product Design Technology I

Rattan and Bamboo Art and Technology

Woodworking Art and Technology

* Specialization Courses (Semester Two)

Integrated Leather Technology

Integrated Bamboo and Rattan Technology

Integrated Clay and Earthenware Technology

Integrated Fibres and Fabrics Technology

Integrated Woodwork Technology

Integrated Metals Fabrication Technology

Product Design Technology II


Second Year:

Seminar in Integrated Art (For Two (2) Semesters)

Thesis/Project (For Two (2) Semesters)