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Textile Design and Technology

Bachelor of Science (BSc.) Textile Design and Technology

First Year:

Basic Design (For Two (2) Semesters)

Communication Skills (For Two (2) Semesters)

General Drawing (For Two (2) Semesters)

History of Global Art 

Introduction to African Art and Culture

Introduction to Computers (For Two (2) Semesters)

Introduction to Dyeing and Printing 

Introduction to Textile Design

Introduction to Textiles

Introduction to Weaving


Second Year:                        

Basic Weaving Calculations

Computer Application in Design (For Two (2) Semesters)

Dyes and Dyeing Processes

Electives (For Two (2) Semesters)

Fabric Decoration Techniques

Literature-in-English (For Two (2) Semesters)

Natural Fibres

Printed Textile Designs

Research Methodology

Surface Textile Design Application

Textile Materials

Weaving Preparation


Third Year:                           

African Print Designs

Cotton Spinning

Weaving Mechanism I

Fabric Structure

Chemical Processing

Regenerated Fibres


Thesis/Project Writing

Industrial Placement (Second Semester-12 Weeks)


Fourth Year:

Advanced Fabric Structure

Knitting Technology

Management & Entrepreneurial Skills (For Two (2) Semesters)

Non-Woven Fabrics

Synthetic Fibre Spinning

Textile Design

Textile Finishing

Textile Printing

Textile Testing

Weaving Mechanism II

Yarn Manufacture

Research Project (For two (2) Semesters)