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Integrated Rural Art and Industry

Bachelor of Art (BA) Integrated Rural Art and Industry

Specialisation: There are six (6) areas of specialisation (Rattan and Bamboo, Woodwork, Clay and  Earthenware, Leather Technology, Fibres and Fabrics, and Metal Production and Fabrication) in the programme. In Year Two, Students specialises in any four (4); Year Three and Four, Students majors in any two (2) out of the four (4)

First Year

Basic Design and Drawing

Clay Forming Techniques

Communication Skills (For Two (2) Semesters)

Complimentary Materials in Rattan and Bamboo

Ethics in Traditional African Society

Fibres and Fabric Manufacturing

History of Ghanaian Handicrafts

History of Indigenous/Folk Art

Introduction to Clay and Earthenware

Introduction to Fibres and Fabrics

Introduction to Leather Technology

Introduction to Metal Integration

Introduction to Rattan and Bamboo

Introduction to Woodwork

Materials and Techniques in Leatherwork

Metal Integrated Design

Myths and Symbolism in Africa

Product Design Basics

Traditional Woodcarving


Second Year

Advanced Management Concepts

African Art and Culture Ω

Cradle-to-Cradle Product Design

History of Global Art

Literature in English (For Two (2) Semesters)

Management Basics for Rural Industry

Open Elective (For Two (2) Semesters)

Research Methodology

Research Report Writing

Specialization Courses (Any four) * (For Two (2) Semesters)

Sustainable Product Design  

* Specialization Courses (Semester One)

Indigenous Pottery Forms and Decoration

Indigenous Weave Structures

Integrated Metal Foundry Processes

Rattan and Bamboo Processing

Skin Structure and Preservation

Wood Joints Classification

* Specialization Courses (Semester Two)

Indigenous Kilns and Furnaces

Leather Processing Techniques

Rattan and Bamboo Weaving

Traditional Metal Forming Techniques

Traditional Textiles

Upholstery and Finishing Technology


Third Year:

Specialization Courses (Any two of the four) *

Applied Management for Rural Industry

Materials and Product Design

Rural Sociology Ω

Seminar on Design and Finishing

* Specialization Courses (Semester One)

Integrated Leatherwork Techniques

Integrated Techniques in Woodwork

Local Fibres and Dyes

Metal Integration in Industry

Rattan and Bamboo Configuration

Traditional Bead making

Industrial Placement (Second Semester-12 Weeks)


Fourth Year

Case Studies in Rural Industry

Influence-Based Product Design

Product Design and Project Work

Seminar on Future Prospects of Industry

Seminar on Issues in Art and Industry

Specialization Courses (Two from the third year) * (For Two (2) Semesters)

Thesis/Project (For Two (2) Semesters)

* Specialization Courses (Semester One)

Rattan and Bamboo Finishing

Indigenous Design and Materials

Indigenous Pottery in Integration

Specialized Skills in Leather Technology

Indigenous Fabric Integration

Integrated Finishing of Metal Projects

* Specialization Courses (Semester Two)

Advanced Indigenous Leather Technology

Industrial Practices in Fibres and Fabrics

Innovations in Rattan and Bamboo

Metal Integration Projects

Pottery Studio Practice

Wood Carving and Construction