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Metal Product Design Technology

Bachelor of Art (BA) Metal Product Design Technology

First Year:

African Art and Culture

Basic Design (For Two (2) Semesters)

Communication Skills (For Two (2) Semesters)

Computer Application in Design I                 

Drawing (For Two (2) Semesters)

Electives (For Two (2) Semesters)

History of Global Art

History of Metals                                          

Introduction to Sculpture

Introduction to Computers              

Technical Drawing (For Two (2) Semesters)                                   

Workshop Technology (For Two (2) Semesters)


Second Year:

Alloy Calculation  

Assaying, Refining and Hallmarking               

Basic Fabrication and Finishing (For Two (2) Semesters)

Computer Application in Design II               

Conceptual Design and Modelling (For Two (2) Semesters)

Electives (For Two (2) Semesters)


Literature-in-English (For Two (2) Semesters)

Metal Casting Methods I

Metal Joining Methods                                                 

Metal Surface Decoration



Third Year:

Conceptual Design and Modelling III

Gem Setting I

Gemmology I

Metal Casting Methods II                  

Research Methodology


Studio Fabrication Techniques I

Industrial Placement (Second Semester-12 Weeks


Fourth Year:

Gem Setting (For Two (2) Semesters)

Gemmology (For Two (2) Semesters)

Industrial Casting Methods                 

Management and Entrepreneurial Skills


Studio Fabrication Techniques (For Two (2) Semesters)

Research Project (For two (2) Semesters